Pingal Devayana Vol 1 Part 1 (Braham Kalp – Deva Mandala)

1,000 800

Dr. Hajari
Dr. Hajari
Transcribed by Amita Nathwani, Dr. Shirish Nathwani
Language English
Pages 676
Binding Paperback
ISBN-13 9789392756139
ISBN-EBook 9789392756179
Edition 1st
Publishing Year 2023
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The Deva Mandala describes the manifestation of the epic Devayana, the beginning of creation, the birth of Gods and the Demons, human beings, and the animal and plant world. It covers the intense struggles between Gods and demons, lasting for aeons, their victories and their defeats. The God of Truth – Satyadeva appears for the first time here. On earth he Rishi Narayan where he receives his initiation. The creation of the Wheel of Time, measurements of space, time and sound are among other fascinating narrations. The Deva Mandala takes us on an epic journey through the Four Ages, described in detail in the epic. It also unfolds consecutively the happenings of the Four Ages, the Golden, the Silver, the Bronze as well as the present Iron Age comprising 26,000 years. It elaborates on many subjects we know already and also enlightens us on matters those that were kept hidden.
This book is a must read and a valuable addition to a scholar’s library.

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