Moonlight Books is an emerging Book Publishing House based in Delhi.

Established in 2016, our focus is on publishing a broad spectrum of reader-friendly books.

While we feature well established Authors and stimulating writing from across the globe, we also provide a platform to the capable aspiring Authors to get their books published in a hassle-free manner.

Moonlight Books are bi-lingual publishers, publishing books in both English and Hindi.

Our wide range of books cover a variety of fiction and non-fiction areas – Children’s Books, Fiction and Fantasy, Religion and Spirituality, Mythology and Ancient Hindu Wisdom, Cookbooks, Health and Fitness, Food and Nutrition, Parenting, Alternative Medicine, and a host of other areas. In short, all genres of books other than Academic Books.

Highly Professional in terms of their content, presentation values, and approach, our books cater to the diverse segments of the global community.

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