Causeries by Nilesh D.Nathwani

Causeries (on life) has seven interesting stories, one for each day of the week. The first story is my own story how I grew up. To grow up consciously and know what is growing inside oneself brings a sort of strength and confidence in life. Everyone grows up differently but there are some shades of growing up that are identical to many. Many will identify with this story.
The second story is the characteristics of a “gentleman” and how to write “aesthetically”. Every painter wishes that his or her painting is hung in an art gallery for everyone to see and every writer has one wish that his book is read by one and all. How to write such books; the story gives a magical formula.
The story of Dharam & Zoya is purely fiction. Here I aim to show that a truly educated person is or should be very tolerant about mixed marriages (the pair having two different religions). Arranged and forced marriages atrophy into long silence, withering, weakening and making everyone’s life around to a desert-land. The aim of life is to push towards an evolutionary manifestation and a brilliant future.

“A truly good book is something as wildly natural and primitive, mysterious and marvelous, ambrosial and fertile as a fungus”, writes Henry David Thoreau. Below are some petit reviews of the book I received. This may enable a new reader to judge the strength of this book. After reading this blog you can take the book or drop it – As You Like It. I am at all times impervious to criticism. Please feel free to share your opinion.
Thank you so much for the beautiful book, Causeries on life. While I have not completed reading it fully, I cannot resist writing to you how your writing talent seems to move from one pinnacle to another. It has been very hard to put the book down once you find yourself as if witnessing this world of experiences galore that have enriched your life. Dr. Shirish Nathwani – Waterloo, Canada
I enjoyed your discussion on various poets and writers who have influenced you in your thoughts and writing. Your romantic story, Dharam-Zoya is charming and they live happy ever after.
Keep writing and thank you for your friendship and your historical knowledge. Dr. Amama Thornley – Christchurch, New Zealand
“Causeries” is a book that throughout keeps up the high pitches of excitement and succeeds in producing amour for the writer. It goes beyond the ordinary pitch of writing and gives us emotional riches and magic and yet the flow of words is natural as it carries an authentic spontaneity. Amita Nathwani – Vienna, Austria
Thank you for sending me a copy of your latest book. It’s always a pleasure to receive any of your publications. Just read the book and enjoyed it. As an author you are very serious about life and that has brought out many good points! Your experiences are well shared. Harish Kapadia –Mountaineer of repute and an author of several books on Himalaya, Mumbai.
This is my quick message to convey sincere thanks for being so thoughtful to send me copies of your book Causeries. I read it and as before found it impressive. Your reflections evoke such meaningful experiences that the reader easily identifies with! The chapter reproducing your letter to me (chapter five of the book titled Kailash, Hinduism and Buddhism) could have been written today – so real and down to earth, no pun intended in relation to Kailash and Mansarovar!! Thank you for your unforgettable friendship and be sure to keep the pen to paper. Nitin Madhvani, a foremost Industrialist, Kakira Jinja, Uganda
“Causeries” is brilliant. Your erudition and learning continue to shine through your writings. Ghandhikota Ramesh, retired Director of U.N. International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Vienna, now residing in USA.
Causeries present excellent reading. Books more often than not, come with a book cover that kind of ushers one into the book. That is a job well done. It complements the design and content of the narratives inside the book. – Rajni Vora, a veteran industrialist, a popular businessman and a prolific writer, Leicester, U.K.

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