Honeybee Moonlight Stories–Set 1 (A Pack of 10 Unique and Eye-catching Story Books)

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Language English
Pages 160 (each book 16 pages)
Binding Paperback
ISBN-13 9789392756672
Book Dimensions 8.5” x 11”/22 cm x 28 cm
Edition 1st
Publishing Year 2022
Weight 1.050 kg
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Honeybees are known for their skill of collecting nectar from a variety of flowers and transforming it into delicious honey. “Honeybee” here refers to the author’s name. “Madhukar” in Sanskrit means honeybee. These exclusive stories brought to you from distant lands and different cultures carry the irresistible charm of ancient storytelling, orally passed on from generation to generation, by peoples across the world. Moonlight Books brings to you these delightful folktales and stories with captivating pictures and enchanting colors, like the soothing allure of the moonlight. The Honeybee Moonlight series covers 20 books, and the first set of 10 books is presented here. A humble effort at enriching children’s literature, these stories are written in a simple, lucid, and endearing style. Adorable Stories that children would enjoy reading Again and Again.

1. Mostafa And The Sea Queen (Egypt)
2. Prince Faisal And His Magnificent Sword (Iraq)
3. The Beggar King’s Gracious Daughter (China)
4. The Grateful Animals And The Ungrateful Man (India)
5. The Mermaid Who Comes To Earth (Scotland)
6. The Priceless Shabby Gift (Israel)
7. The Mischievous Monkey Goes For A Shave (Brazil)
8. The Three Identical Dolls (India\Mongolia)
9. The Ugly Bird Curses The Princess (Kenya)
10. Theseus and Minotaur (Greece)

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4 reviews for Honeybee Moonlight Stories–Set 1 (A Pack of 10 Unique and Eye-catching Story Books)

  1. Huma Khan

    A very interesting, effective and colourful way to teach kids about different cultures , folks and values from around the world. My son and I love reading it together at our bed time.

  2. Huma Khan

    May be moonlight can plan to publish more stories from other parts of the world.

  3. Shrikant N

    This book is truly an amazing treasurehouse of short stories for children. The stories are superbly told to entertain as well as to educate the young reader. The author at every step exhibits that penchant for story writing, especially in the selection of stories which are from across the world. These fabulous tales from ten different countries introduce ten different cultures and the reader is pleasantly lost in the fascinating world of “once upon a time … “. I can vouche on the fact that, reading these stories is the most enriching and delightful experience for the young and the old alike. Eagerly waiting for more such stories from the author Sri. R. K. Madhukar ji, thank you.

  4. Eeti Goel

    Moonlight books are such interesting books! They are entertaining and meaningful!! The stories are beautifully illustrated making them more captivating! I highly recommend MOONLIGHT books.

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