Dr. M.R.Goyal born in October 1939, is an engineer, presently working as Chairman Board of Consultants for the Ranjit Sagar Dam and the Shahpurkandi Dam projects. However, his main interest is in Mathematics and Sanskrit. He gave a demonstration on ‘Rapid Mental Calculations’, at the Institute of Engineers, Chandigarh, in 1973, and at the Colorado State University, USA, in 1986. He has spent several years in the study of more than a hundred Upanishads, besides Mahābhārata, Bhāgavata Purāna and Harivansha Purāna. He is also doing research on Science and Technology in ancient Sanskrit texts. He has discovered the description of some highly advanced devices in the ancient Sanskrit texts including that of a Hybrid Solar Cell, to harness the solar energy, in an economical and efficient way.

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