Dr.H.S.Prema, a well-known Dietician based in Bangalore, Karnataka, has done a Ph.D. in Nutrition and has established a clinic exclusively for dietary treatment. It was the first of its kind that was attached neither to any corporate hospitals nor any multinational nutraceutical companies. She is the most sought-after dietician in Karnataka for her diets based on locally available foods without incorporating any supplements. Dr.Prema encourages the public to stick to cultural dietary practices.
Dr.Prema is also a columnist for various national papers, including Economic Times and Organiser, and participates regularly in TV discussions. Her Samvada videos are the talk of the town and have the highest subscribers in Karnataka.
In addition, she has written five books on nutrition and hundreds of articles for various newspapers. People follow her dietary advice and tips through her videos, Doordarshan, other TV, and All India Radio talks. In addition, Dr.Prema is also an avid traveller, and multiple magazines have published her travelogues. She has won many awards for her achievements in dietetics and health management.

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